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Joni Church of New Jersey Dog WalkersÖ New Jersey Dog Walkers´┐Ż provides dogwalking and many other pet services in Northern Bergen, Sussex, and Warren Counties, NJ. The proprietor, Joni Church is bonded and insured. She provides pet care and dogwalking service while you are at work or away from home on business or vacation. She services most areas of Sussex, Warren and northern Bergen County, New Jersey. New Jersey Pet Sitting´┐Ż is the parent company of New Jersey Dog Walkers´┐Ż which is recognized by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters®. The Humane Society has offered suggestions on How to Hire a Dog Walker which we feel is good advice.

My pit bull and golden retriever     These are my dogs - a pit bull and golden retriever I adopted. You and your pet get many benefits from our services. Your dog gets the environment he knows best, his same diet and routine, relief from traveling to and staying in an unfamiliar place with other animals such as a boarding kennel, and loving attention while you're away. You get much happier friends and neighbors, who aren't burdened with caring for your pet, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your pet is being cared for by a professional, someone to bring in your newspaper and mail so potential burglars don't know you're away, someone who will come to your home so you don't have to drive your pet to a boarding kennel, and many other services.

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New Jersey Dog Walkers™ is Certified by the AAP, Registered, and Fully Bonded and Insured. We are a Member in good standing of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters® and abide by their code of ethics. Please ask to see our current membership certification, commercial liability insurance policy, insurance bond, and references from our clients. Please call Joni Church directly at 973-229-8453 or e-mail [email protected].

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